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Instructions for Application

  1. Review “Rental Selection Criteria” to note requirements that will help determine qualifications.
  2. Complete and sign “Qualifying Income & Finance Worksheet”.
  3. Complete and sign “Rental Application” in its entirety. Do not leave anything blank, it will not be processed if incomplete.
  4. If applicable, complete and sign “Additional Occupant(s) Form”. This form has a section for minors (under 18) and a separate section for adults (over 18).
  5. If applicable, complete and sign top section of “Verification of Rent”.
  6. If this is the first time you have leased a property and you previously owned a home, have a mortgage history, please provide mortgage company references and proof of ownership or transfer.
  7. If applicable, complete and sign a “Pet Authorization Form” for review.
  8. A $36 application fee will be paid directly to Tenant Verification Service to obtain credit/background information.
  9. Submit a copy of a photo ID with signature for Applicant and Co-Applicant.
  10. Review and initial each section of the “Rules & Regulations” form and sign the last page. IF your application is approved and a Lease Agreement is signed, the “Rules & Regulations” form becomes part of the agreement.